From careful selection of the seed to successful quality control of the product, quality is key for us.

Crop Sprayer

Cultivation of the Herbal Material

The selection of high-quality medicinal plants is one of the decisive factors for the quality of our products. The cultivation of the medicinal plants is strictly monitored and follows the rules of the GACP. We only work with certified farmers who are regularly audited to ensure that the medical plants are as free as possible from environmental pollution during the process of growing to guarantee the highest quality and efficacy of our product. In addition, our research and development team is constantly improving growing conditions and methodologies to determine the best time to harvest each plant. Our aim is to develop sustainable and pollution-free cultivation.

Pharmaceutical Industry And Drug Manufacturing

Production of Processed Herbal Material

The unprocessed, raw herbal material is carefully inspected during incoming goods quality control. Only when the herbal material fulfils all requirements for the specific product category is it released for production. The raw material is cleaned from foreign matter, washed with purified water, cut to the required size, and carefully dried and packaged according to the needs of our customer or stored for extraction. The whole production process is automated and is constantly monitored according to European GMP requirements. Products that cannot be processed in a fully automated manner, like flowers or certain fruits, are processed manually by specialised workers.

Testing Medical Marijuana In Laboratory. Close Up.


Extraction of the processed herbal material is performed in a high-tech extraction workshop with an annual extraction capacity over 20,000 tons. The workshop integrates multi-functional extraction, essential oil extraction, high-speed centrifugation, low-temperature concentration, spray drying, and premium packaging in a highly controlled, certified, and clean area. Each step of the production is monitored and recorded. Production follows a zero-fault approach, which ensures that only products that fulfil the specifications to 100% are accepted for sale.

Herbal Extract (2)

Free-Flowing Powder

To produce pure herbal extracts, we aim to use as few excipients as possible. In the most cases, only small amounts of dextrin or maltodextrin are necessary. If required by the customer, we can adjust the concentration of the extracts by adding different types of excipients. We also provide the option to produce free-flowing powders (a special type of granule) from the extract by using the roller compaction method. This method is gentle on the extract and produces free-flowing powders with excellent flowability and pourability.

Three Cardboard Boxes


We offer fully customisable primary and secondary packaging to meet the exact needs of our customers. Our packaging size ranges from 100 g up to 50 kg/bag. We only use packaging materials that are free of contaminants, highly durable, and completely air and light tight; therefore, the primary packaging can be used for long-term storage, and there is no need for repacking. Our high-quality secondary packaging ensures that our products are always well protected and arrive to our customers without damage.

Pacakge Delivery Man Is Dropping Of Packages


The logistics department of ConPhyMed Pharmaceutical is highly flexible and offers a variety of logistic solutions, from EXW, FOB, CIF, to DDP. We work closely with our customers to provide them with the greatest possible security to establish a reliable supply chain.

Quality Control

We pay the utmost attention to the quality
and the safety of our products.

Incoming Goods Inspection

The harvested medicinal plants arrive securely packaged at our production site, where we check all documents accompanying the delivery and take samples for incoming goods quality control. During this initial quality control step, we ensure that the herbal material fulfils all product-specific requirements before the medicinal plants are released for production. To ensure that each production batch has the same quality, efficacy, and safety, we only accept plant material with the highest quality grade.

In-Process Control

Each production step is strictly monitored and documented. Samples of the intermediated products are routinely taken for in-process quality control. Deviations from the applicable specifications are not permitted. To ensure the highest possible quality, we only work with well-trained permanent staff who are familiar with every step of the control process. This guarantees that even the smallest deviation in the production process is immediately detected and eliminated.

Finished Product Quality Control

Each finished product is inspected in accordance with the requirements of our customers in our own quality control lab. The identity of the herbal product is tested by Thin Layer Chromatography (TLC) and High-performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) and certified by a qualified employee. If required by the customer, we offer a variety of analyses:

  • Heavy metal
  • Aflatoxins
  • Pesticides
  • Microbial contamination
  • Total ash
  • Water content
  • Sulphur dioxide content
  • Extractables


Each product is delivered with a Certificate of Analysis. Our APIs are tested according to the requirements of the Chinese and European Pharmacopoeia in a certified laboratory in Germany.

Quality Control for APIs

  • All plants used for the production are of pharmaceutical quality.
  • The drug-extract ratio is precisely measured and can be adjusted to our customer’s needs.
  • Each ingredient is tested for heavy metals, pesticides, aflatoxins, microorganisms, and other contaminants by ConPhyMed Pharmaceutical in a certified German laboratory.
  • Each component is manufactured according to the strict specifications of the German and Chinese Pharmacopoeia and is controlled and documented on site.
  • All products are provided with a German Certificate of Analysis, which can be adjusted specifically to the needs of our customers.
  • Production is conducted in accordance with European GMP conditions.
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