ConPhyMed Pharmaceutical offers a wide range of products. Each product is available in different quality categories. The products can be purchased as raw materials, full herbal extracts, or active pharmaceutical ingredients.

Raw Herbal Material

Raw Herbal Materials

Products in this category are the dried, washed, and cut parts of plants, such as roots, leaves, flowers, and fruits. All plants delivered to our production facility are subjected to detailed incoming goods inspection according to the specifications of the Chinese Pharmacopoeia and processed in compliance with GMP specifications. We offer these goods in kilogram to ton scale.

Active Principles

Herbal Extracts

Herbal extracts are produced according to EU GMP requirements. We offer different types of extracts, including water, ethanol, and fractionated extracts. All extracts are carefully dried by belt drying or spray drying. Quality control of the finished product can be conducted according to food law or the European Pharmacopoeia. In addition, we offer a Certificate of Analysis issued by an independent GMP-certified German quality control lab.

Herbal Extract (2)

Active Principles

APIs are made from high-quality raw herbal materials that fulfil the requirements of the Chinese and European Pharmacopoeia. The extraction method can be adjusted to the needs of our customers; we offer a variety of extraction methods, including decoction and countercurrent extraction, and extraction solvents, including water and ethanol. The herbal extract is gently concentrated at low temperatures and then dried by belt drying or spray drying. We offer our APIs as dried extracts or granules.

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