Our commitment

ConPhyMed sees its commitment not only in the production of high-quality compacts but also in the opening of the European health care system towards Traditional Chinese Medicine. This goal is only credible if a team comes together that lives up to this claim. For this reason, ConPhyMed is an official alliance partner of the HanseMerkur Center for TCM at the University Medical Center Hamburg Eppendorf and also has proven experts who are committed to precisely this goal.

Close cooperation with doctors and scientists

Continuous efficacy studies in cooperation with German and Chinese universities 

Involvement in global committees for the assessment of phytopharmaceuticals.

Alliance partnership with the HanseMerkur Center for TCM


We combine specialist expertise and globally recognized know-how in science, business and institutions with a wealth of experience within Traditional Chinese Medicine. Thus, we form a multidisciplinary team of experts, combining competences of both medical systems – Asian and Western.

Our Chinese partners have decades of experience in the field of TCM and have been running a respected family business for over 30 years. In addition to their own cultivation areas and close cooperation with the best university hospitals in China, they attach great importance to good working conditions. This is the only way to ensure the high standard of research, quality and safety.

Our network

A key to the success of ConPhyMed is its large network and close partnerships with top level institutions and companies from a variety of disciplines. The network enables ConPhyMed to cover a wide range of business areas, from research and development over product-related quality control to the registration of herbal medicinal products in the EU.

Our team

Sven Schröder

Dr. Sven Schröder is a specialist in neurology and has been managing one of the largest TCM practices in Hamburg as a TCM physician since 2000. Furthermore, Dr. Sven Schröder has been the managing director of the Hamburg TCM Center for 10 years and lectures in the TCM master’s programs at the universities of Porto and Santiago de Compostela. In addition, Dr. Sven Schröder holds the continuing education authorization for both neurology and acupuncture and is involved in the development of quality and safety standards for Chinese medicinal products as head of the international ISO working group 2.

Thomas Friedemann

Dr. Thomas Friedemann is the managing director of ConPhyMed Pharmaceutical. As a biologist and biophysicist, his research focuses on the effects of Chinese medicinal plants in neurological diseases. As part of his PhD, he investigated neuroprotective and neuro-regenerative effects of Chinese medicinal herbs, for which he was awarded the prestigious Sebastian Kneipp Prize in 2016. In addition, Dr. Thomas Friedemann is laboratory manager at the HanseMerkur Center for TCM at the University Medical Center Hamburg Eppendorf and is a recognized expert in the field of ISO certifications.

Wei Hertz

Wei Hertz is responsible for international management in the company and is thus largely responsible for cooperation between Asia and Europe. After studying music in China and Germany, she became intensively involved in intercultural exchange and today heads various programs, such as the TCM master’s program at the University Medical Center Hamburg Eppendorf and the TCM University Shanghai.

Sebastian Hertz

Sebastian Hertz is responsible for the commercial management of ConPhyMed Pharmaceutical. He studied economics, Chinese culture and health economy at the University of Hamburg before working as a business consultant with a focus on process optimization for various companies. His commercial responsibilities at ConPhyMed also include the management of quality management.

Anhui Jiren Intitute of TCM Research

The company Anhui JirenInstitute of TCM Research holds shares in ConPhyMed Pharmaceutical and is a 100% subsidiary of the Chinese Jiren Pharmaceutical Group, to which a total of 5 subsidiaries belong. Jiren has been trading, processing and refining high quality TCM products for almost 40 years and now employs 1400 people.