„The gift of nature made for human health“

Joint Venture

ConPhyMed Pharmaceutical is a German-Chinese joint venture located at the University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf. As the name already indicates, ConPhyMed stands for “Confidence in Phytomedicine”. The company’s core business is the trade with plant extracts and active substances as well as the development and registration of herbal medicinal products. In 2018 ConPhyMed and Jiren Pharmaceutical set up a successful joint venture.

Research center in Bozhou, Anhui Province

Production and business facilties

More than 30 years of experience in manufacturing herbal extracts and active ingredients make Jiren a strong and competent partner. Over 1500 employees are working at their best every day in order to supply customers worldwide reliably and quickly with high quality herbal products. Based on the long experience of the joint venture partners in the field of production, research, product development and regulatory affairs, a jointly managed adaption of the production in China was achieved to meet the European GACP and GMP regulations. Therefore, ConPhyMed and Jiren Pharmaceutical are now able to offer high quality herbal extracts as APIs in Europe. Already today we comply with the upcoming EU supply chain law.

ConPhyMed Pharmaceutical – more than health!



The quality of all plants used for the production is monitored from the seeding over the cultivation, harvesting, processing until the final product.


Our production is following the zero-default approach, that means that we only release products for sale if they meet to 100% the specifications of our customer.


All plants used for the production are of pharmaceutical quality.
Each ingredient is tested for heavy metals, pesticides, aflatoxins, microorganisms and other contaminants by ConPhyMed Pharmaceutical in a certified German laboratory.
The Production is carried out in accordance to European GMP conditions.


ConPhyMed offers a wide range of products. Each product is available in different categories:

1. Raw herbal material
2. Herbal extracts
3. Compactates
4. Purified substances


Anhui Jiren Pharmaceutical and ConPhyMed Pharmaceutical have formed a first-class research and development department which is focused on basic research, clinical research and product development. Therefore we can guarantee that our products are always in line with current state of science and technology.

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